Co-op FSI

Due to the amount of coupons from consumer packaged goods, the co-op FSI is highly engaging, even in a down economy. It provides the ability to test with minimal risk, target by market or region, and has the potential to reach over 70 million households with each issue.


With a short lead time and the opportunity for standby rates, newspapers are still a great way for local business or national advertisers to reach the 50+ market. Can target subscribers, or reach non-subscribers if there is a need to saturate a market.


Magazines have a large shelf life and are typically in the consumer’s hands for at least one month, giving potential for multiple views of a high quality advertisement. Magazines such as People are still loyally read and are passed along, providing the potential of 10+ readers per copy.

Co-op envelopes

Co-op or “shared” envelopes are an efficient way to reach households without the high costs associated with traditional direct mail. A two-sided insert that customers can hold onto until they are ready to purchase, these advertisements are effective for national and local retailers as well as direct response. They have the ability to target by state, DMA or demo and are typically mailed monthly. Valpak, or “the blue envelope” is the largest and most well-known envelope program.

Direct Mail Postcards

Direct mail postcards deliver exceptional response at a much lower cost than personalized solo mail. Can be customized by zip or sub-zip with each postcard customized by message or creative specifically for the resident of that targeted household. Minimums as low as 10,000 so you can test before you invest. Stand-alone placement in the mailbox ensures category exclusivity by in-home date.


Radio is a very measurable medium for our clients. Once you find an approach that works, you can scale the campaigns quickly by adding more stations both local and nationally at a reasonable cost with an impressive reach. 


Podcasts are growing quickly with a large diversity of topics, allowing our clients to engage with the consumer in a new way and possibly attract a different demographic at the same time. Subscribers are very engaged with the host and enjoy listening to the live read ads as part of the show. Your ad will feel like a recommendation from a friend.


Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach those small corners of low income neighborhoods that you might not necessarily reach with other types of media. It is low cost, high value and the viewer does not have the option of just tossing it in the trash or “changing the station.”

Insert Media

Highly targeted pre-printed inserts are placed into third-party customer mailings and merchandise shipments. These programs offer cost effective opportunities to maximize response, generate revenue and acquire new customers.

Onserts are polybagged with magazine subscriptions, falling right into the hands of your target audience who are ready to call, click or buy. With competitive rates and the ability to stand out from other advertisers, onserts can reach over 28 million subscribers every month.

Catalog Blow-ins
A promotional piece inserted into a consumer catalog. This method of distribution represents an implied endorsement to an established customer base.

Package Inserts
Pre-printed inserts included in merchandise shipments to a targeted demographic profile.

Statement Inserts
Target credit worthy consumers through bank statements and credit card billing invoices, magazine renewals, auto loans and health premiums.

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